Dr Liana Cheney, President of the Association for Textual Scholarship in Art History, ATSAH

Micah Ross, Historian of Astronomy

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Kathleen is an excellent editor. She is meticulous, conscientious, efficient and turns around work rapidly. She is a valued editor at the Sophia Centre Press, a small academic press, and highly recommended.

The mark of a professional in collaborative projects is to eliminate errors without assigning blame. Kathleen of InkHorn Editing has the diligence and professionalism to navigate difficult projects. In my experience, her performance has been head and shoulders above other efforts and I would gladly work with her again.

Dr Nicholas Campion, Editorial Director, Sophia Centre Press

It is a pleasure to work with Kathleen at InkHorn Editing.  Her excellent editorial ability is very helpful, logical and meticulous. She promptly completes the assigned work and is open to further assistance if needed.